Raw Til 4 Meal Plan

Erdbeeren1-2This is an example of what you can eat on a raw till 4 diet. Everything is only suggestions and NOT a strict plan that you have to stick to. If you feel like eating more, eat more – this is a lifestyle of abundance and carbs can’t make you fat. If you don’t like having 8 bananas, replace them with a different fruit that you actually like.

I am neither a nutritionist, nor a specialist. This is what probably what I would eat in five days. I suggest you drink 1 liter of water after waking up and around 2 more liters throughout the day. Go to bed early and get at least 8h of sleep. Exercise at least every other day. Carb the fun up!


Morning: Smoothiebowl of 8 bananas, 2 handful of spinach, topped with berries and some mango

Lunch: Monomeal of your favorite fruit, e.g. plums/apples/khakis/mango/oranges; eat as much as you like and aim for at least 800 calories

Dinner: 200g corn pasta with a homemade sauce: cook ½ small pumpkin, 1 large carrot, blend it with dates or 1 tbsp coconut sugar and basil


Breakfast: 7 banana smoothie with 250g frozen berries and vanilla stevia drops

Lunch: Raw vegan apple pie made of 3 bananas, 12 dates, 2 apples and cinnamon

Dinner: 1000g potatoes (or sweet potatoes if you like), cut into thin slices and baked in the oven until crispy. Serve with lots of greens and a pumpkin sauce made with ½ the pumpkin from yesterday’s dinner and some herbs


Breakfast: 12 fresh and juicy oranges, either you juice them or you eat them as they are

Lunch: Nicecream: 8 half frozen bananas, vanilla stevia drops and lots of berries top it with

Dinner: Eating out today! Always go for a high carb low fat main calorie source such as rice, pasta etc. Ask for no fat and no salt in your dish. Options could be vegan pizza (just ask for lots of veggies instead of cheese, it’s really delicious), vegan sushi / a pasta dish with fresh veggies and sauce without any cream / rice curry (add tofu if you like)


After having a usually more oily and more salty dish the night before, treat your body with a fully raw day. Just like anything else, this is optional. If you don’t feel like eating raw throughout the day, just stick to your cooked dinners.

Breakfast: Datorade! Soak about 20 dates in warm water, add some stevia drops or coconut sugar if you like and blend until smooth.

Lunch: Fruit plate with bananas, grapes, persimmons and dates (aim for 800 calories or more!)

Snack: As much fruit as you desire

Dinner: At least 300g of greens such as romaine lettuce, spinach, kale etc. Add 1 spiralized zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes, edamame, string beans, bell peppers and ¼ avocado if you like. Add a dressing made of 1 mango, lemon juice and some raw nuts.


Breakfast: Melon party! Melons should always be eaten by themselves and as the first thing in the day. Eat as much as you can!

Lunch: Liquid chocolate cake aka 7 bananas, 2 tbsp carob powder, coconut sugar, topped with berries and 1 kiwi

Dinner: Veggie stir fry with 1 cup garbanzo beans and 150g rice. As a side you can have some creamy mushroom potato soup with basil and your favorite fresh herbs. Add greens!

by Melina


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